08 Sep 2021

Delta Covid Level 2 Protocols

What to Expect For Your Upcoming Dental Appointment

Life has changed significantly due to Covid19. The Delta variant has brought many more challenges for everyone.

We would like to give you an idea of what you can expect when you come and see us here at Piopio Dental. The Government, The Ministry of Health (MOH) and the New Zealand Dental Council (NZDC) has a combination of guidelines, and legal requirements, that we are required to follow in order to care for our patients.

When you attend for your upcoming appointment, you will find a few changes to protocols to ensure the safety of both patients and staff. These protocols may change as our risk levels vary or new Covid Strains emerge.

1)Wear a mask

Mask wearing is now required during level 2, especially inside.

2)Scan in using the Covid Tracer app

There is a QR code on our door, so you can scan before you enter the building. Under level 2 guidelines this is a requirement for all businesses.

3)Physical or Social Distancing

We ask that only the patient attends for their appointment unless a support person is needed (for example children)

When you arrive check in at reception, if we are not ready to take you through to the surgery, we may ask you to wait in your car to minimise contact with others.

4)Hand hygiene

On arrival we will ask you to wash your hands.

5)Early Diagnosis and Prevention

When we confirm your appointment over the phone, we are required to ask a series of questions to identify any Covid19 risk factors. If any risk factors are identified, we may need to reschedule your appointment.

When you arrive for your appointment, we will confirm that none of these risk factors have changed.

Fever (high temperature) and poor oxygen saturation are early indicators for patients who aren’t showing symptoms of Covid19. On arrival we will take your temperature with a touchless thermometer and measure your oxygen readings using a Pulse Oximiter.

If you have a fever or low oxygen saturation, we will ask that you see your Doctor prior to any dental work being undertaken.

6)Cross Infection Control

The Ministry of Health has specified different dental procedures have different cross infection requirements for the protection of both staff and patients. Depending on the procedure we are undertaking we may need more Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) compared to our usual Cross Infection Standards. This cost will be itemised in each appointment if additional PPE is required. The updated Delta PPE requirements for low risk patients at Level 2 do not require any additional PPE.

Depending on the Government guidelines some procedures require a stand down period after treatment. This means we may need to schedule your appointment at specific times to allow for this additional cleaning.

Dental Surgeries have always had extremely strict Cross Infection Polices and we have always adhered to all requirements. We have also sourced disinfectant wipes that are proven to kill Covid19 in 1 minute. In addition to our usual surgery routine all high touch areas on entry, exit and reception will be disinfected between each patient.

7)Aerosol Removal

Dentistry is all about aerosols. Our handpieces and air/water syringe create varying levels of aerosols when we undertake treatment. Besides using our suction to stop you drowning 😊, this High-Volume Suction has always been used to reduce the aerosols created from treatment.

Piopio Dental is in the process of installing a Nederman Suction Arm that, simply put, is a suction unit on steroids. Nederman are like an expel air system over your stove. But it’s an industrial strength design for chemical labs, medical and surgical rooms. It is designed to remove debris, fumes and aerosols out of the air and into a medical grade Hepa Filter system.

The suction unit will come down over the front of our patients and draw all treatment aerosols away from both staff and patients. Aerosols can also hang in the air for a long time. So, by removing aerosols at the source we are reducing everybody’s risk of cross infection.

We look forward to seeing you all in the new life of Covid19 and the Delta Strain. We are doing everything we can to provide care and look after all of our team and patients.