03 Jul 2019

Dental Care with a Preventative Approach

At Piopio Dental our focus is on prevention. We are very capable of fixing the dental issues that come through our doors. But our long-term goal with all our patients is to try to prevent these issues recurring.

In simple terms we approach our treatment plans with the following steps;

1) Treat the disease/infection

Both tooth decay and gum disease are bacterial infections. What most patients don’t understand is that both infections are preventable.

Treatment involves not only the surgical approach of removing decay and filling the cavity. But also identifying the risks that have led to the disease process and educating each person on how they can best manage their oral health and prevent these problems reoccurring.

Gum Disease is often a silent infection that does not present with pain until a lot of damage is done. Often a patient will present to their GP when they have these infections. The ideal treatment is the removal of all plaque and calculus, combined with improved oral hygiene. Antibiotics are rarely used for optimal treatment and they cannot remove the cause of the problem, they only temporarily mask the issue. Please ensure that you contact your dentist for advice early, gum disease is treatable and the earlier we treat those gums the less bone loss you will have. And the longer you will keep those teeth.

2) Restore function

Infection can range from large dental abscesses to mild gum disease. Once we have addressed the infection, we look at restoring function. This may involve simple fillings or more complex crown, bridge, implant or denture treatment options.

We often talk to our patients about maintaining great function(mastication) throughout life. We aim to identify potential risks early on and stabilise the teeth before problems arise.

3) Optimise cosmetics

Many people will search for someone who says they are a cosmetic dentist. Here we love teeth to look great. But we place this stage as the later part of our treatment plan. The research tells us that if we, and our patient, have not controlled the disease process then their dental work is 2 ½ more times likely to fail. So your dentist may do some fantastic work in your mouth, but if you do not look after your mouth with great oral hygiene and diet habits this work will not last.

Obviously, all these 3 stages cross over. As we treat the disease and restore function, then things start to look a lot better (Cosmetics). But we educate our patients on health first to let them know this will give them the best cosmetics and the best long-term success of their restorations.